Why Train Or Take Up Martial Arts Training?

Alison Rombough

There are many benefits for training in the martial arts. These can be categorised into two areas:-

1. Physical benefits
2. Mental benefits

Physical benefits would be self defence, weight control, tone up, speed, power, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, stamina, more energy, etc

Mental benefits or the lifestyle benefits are self-confidence, respect, humility, gratitude, self-discipline, courage, integrity, inner peace, assertiveness, leadership, social skills, focus, self control etc

The physical skills are often what may be the initial reasons for beginning your training. These are great to develop and will enhance the quality of your life. The many people who have been training for several years feel the benefits mostly from the mental, because these skills can be used every second of your everyday life.

A famous and successful martial artist who had been training many years was asked if it where possible, how much he would sell the benefits he had gained through his years of training. “Ten thousand pounds, one million pounds, 100 million pounds” the martial arts master replied “the benefits I have gained are priceless you just couldn’t put a value on what the martial arts has given me”

The Martial Arts is the only activity that develop the mind, body, and spirit that’s why its popularity has never faded in thousands of years.

If you could take one concept with regards your training and infact life then this would be the one I would advise you to take on board and use it daily. CANI should be applied to anything you do, by constantly asking your self how can I train better, how can I improve my technique, fitness, knowledge, respect, confidence, humility and relationship with your partner, just to mention a few you will be well on the way the mastery. Have a passion for learning, progressing and growing and you will!

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