Train Your Dog to Be Obedient

Alison Rombough

If you’re thinking of getting a family pet or already have one then obedience training would be high on your list. An obedient dog is a happy dog. You and your family should be completely aware that training your dog is a significant tool in order for him to be obedient. Proper obedience training is essential for the harmony of the entire household and neighborhood.

In order to be competent in training your dog you must first find and retain the knowledge of dog training techniques. There are several books and videos on the market that will be of help. Choose a method that best suits you and your dog. The investment you make in obedience training will definitely pay off.

Once you’ve acquired the knowledge and techniques training your dog to be obedient should become fun for you and your dog. Dog’s need and want discipline. They need to know what the house rules are. That’s your job.

To begin with make sure your dog understands the 5 basic commands all dogs should know including:

o Sit
o Stay
o Down
o Heel
o “No”

Once your dog has accomplished these 5 basic commands he should be ready to move on to more advanced training. This type of training includes manners, behavior control, house breaking, and off-leash control.

Training your dog will redirect and resolve often frightening and embarrassing issues. Using obedience training illustrates how to take personal responsibility for making it possible for your dog to succeed each and every time.

You can incorporate verbal communications such as Down-Stay, Stay-Come and Finish-Heel with your dog while in the early phases of teaching and training. This also includes when and when not to verbally communicate with your dog. This foundation will insure your control of the dog beyond these useful commands into other areas of concern. Patience and consistency are key elements in any dog training. Some are fast learners, some need more attention.

Learning comprises of many factors, such as socialization which entails positive exposure to many different people, animals, environments, surfaces, situations, sounds, etc. This will also teach your dog how to best react to new things.

Once your dog catches on to what you’re trying to teach him, give him one of his favorite biscuits as a reward. He will soon realize that he gets a treat for doing the command correctly. Rewarding good behavior will be the most effective tool you’ll have in training. Remember always reward your dog for good behavior you’ll be happier and so will your best friend.

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