The Tour Striker: Gimmick or Sport Changer?

Alison Rombough

If you have viewed the Golfing Channel for any length of time, you’ve noticed Gary McCord’s infomercial about the Tour Striker golf coaching club. Seems like they operate it the moment every single few of hours.

You can find Gary with his curly grey moustache hitting crisp, booming irons with the Tour Striker and raving about its efficiency. Followed by a legion of professionals, hackers, and everybody in concerning gushing with form phrases and tales of drastically diminished scores.

Like a lot of, I was intrigued by the promises on this funny hunting iron so I decided to dig further and see if it really is hoopla or the holy grail of golf. And this is what I discovered…

Initial of all, for all those who are not common, the Tour Striker is a golfing education assist that appears to be like a typical mid iron–till you get to the club experience. Then factors get exciting. The actual “flat” element of the deal with has been narrowed down to a compact place about the sizing of a silver dollar. So basically, when you swing the Tour Striker, you Must strike it right on the sweet spot–or your ball will veer wildly in any route.

The process driving the insanity is this: As golfers, it’s been drilled in our heads from day 1 to hit down on the ball. This may be the most essential basic theory in golf. When you hit down on the ball, you compress the ball among club experience and ground, producing the ball to explode off the club with the good way and spin to send out it traveling higher, straight, and pure. And when you join like that, it is one particular of the best thoughts in the globe.

However, most golfer’s frequent movement in the hitting zone is actually a lot more of a sweep or flip through impression alternatively than a downward movement. We try out to aid the ball into the air alternatively than allowing the club do the work for us. It is pretty widespread and challenging to take care of, due to the fact hitting down on the ball goes against all rational considering when we swing.

Truly, it WAS tough to resolve. Right up until the Tour Striker arrived along.

This issue is exceptional. It basically forces you into the good impression place, with arms and shaft leaning ahead in entrance of the ball. If you do not hit down on the ball, you you should not hit a superior shot–period of time. So suggestions is speedy.

I was skeptical at to start with, just like absolutely everyone else. I indicate, how lots of items that claimed to modify my golf video game permanently are now sitting in my garage collecting dust? Way too many–and this one experienced all the earmarks of getting the future addition.

But that is in which I was mistaken. I are unable to consider the wonderful benefits this swing coach delivers. And speedy far too–it would not just take additional than a bucket of balls just before you start to really “get it” and begin pounding your irons down the fairway with the very same high, laser-concentrated trajectory you see the professionals get.

And the finest portion? Countless numbers of many others are seeing the exact same final results. Golf discussion boards like,, and are buzzing with threads about the Tour Striker and how it truly is changing their recreation. And if you’re searching to choose up a used variation, imagine yet again. They simply never pop up in the For Sale location, for the reason that of the final results they get. No person desires to get rid of them.

How a lot of other infomercial golf products and solutions can claim THAT?)

The common Tour Striker arrives as an 8 iron, but is now obtainable in quite a few distinctive styles to assist your golf match exactly where it is really required most, including the Tour Striker Pro 7, Pro X 7, Professional 5, Tour Striker 56 diploma wedge and the Ladies/Junior club. And it really is amazingly reasonably priced as properly, with an expense that’s similar to purchasing a new wedge. Discount coupons and discount codes are nearly non existent with this club, but that is ok-because it truly is well worth each and every penny you pay back for it.

I cannot suggest the Tour Striker sufficient. It truly is merely the most effective golf education club I have seen occur down the pike in a extended time. If you have hassle compressing the golf ball and hitting your irons, get a Tour Striker, You would not regret it!

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