The Rapture or Place of Safety?

Alison Rombough

We know those who are accounted worthy to escape WWIII, those with a prayerful attitude and watchful spirit, growing and overcoming and sensitive to the lead of the Holy Spirit (Luke 21:34-36), will be more than provided for in “Her Place,” as our gracious Lord of Hosts has promised (Revelation 12:14). The “rapture” is not biblical! God offers protection ON EARTH.

We also know that it’ll be more difficult for those who are pregnant or have young ones to tend to and that to help ease our collective birth pangs, we’re commanded to pray our emergency evacuation won’t be in the winter or on the Sabbath (Matthew 24:16-21). This reveals our prayers can affect God’s timing and world events! We are the People of the God of Elijah and our prayers can move mountains and shake the Earth and rattle the Heavens, as necessary! Our God is in control, even though the world will appear to be spinning out of control.

God is more than able to restore energy to the young and old alike (Isaiah 40:28-31), for when the appointed time has come, we will go with our young and with our old (Exodus 10:9), and like Israel leaving Egypt there won’t be a single feeble person among us but all will go forth in the supernatural strength of the Name of the LORD (Psalms 105:37).

However, the Word of God reveals that God has chosen, in His infinite wisdom, that some righteous, that some merciful brethren, will rest in peace in the grave, saved from the dreadful times we’re about to enter (Isaiah 57:1-2).

Regardless, we’re to encourage one another that Father knows best, that He knows how to take care of His Family, that He has all the arrangements under control for our sojourn in the Wilderness, the Place that Providence shall provide, and to rest assured that God’s good creation awaits our arrival and will meet all our needs! (Isaiah 35).

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