The Famous Marx 333 and Marx 666 Locomotive Trains

Alison Rombough

Marx trains were one of the most prized and best loved model trains between 1919 and 1978 when Luis Marx established his company and produced these trains out of his production plants in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Along with the American Flyer brand and trains, Marx trains were in high demand amongst model train hobbyists throughout the United States of America. Two of the best known trains in the Marx Trains collection were the Marx 333 and the Marx 666 model locomotives.

The Marx 333 boasted the 4-6-5 wheel arrangement and was a large and detailed piece. The Marx 333 was made from 1949-1954 and it came in to designs. The first design was basic and did not have the awnings or a smoke unit. The latter design included both these features. The Marx 333 was a beautiful and highly detailed model train and was very popular when it was introduced. It came with handrails and jade marker lights that made it even more desirable as a collectible train.

The MARX 666 was also a best seller and was produced from 1955 to 1974. Its production was briefly halted between 1961 and 1967. One of the most highly cherished collectible trains, the Marx 666 is the favorite of all collectors worldwide. It had a 2-4-2 wheel arrangement and was an O Scale model train. It came in the traditional black color with stripes on the boiler walkway and smoke cylinder. Some of the rarer variations in this mode train were the army green color that was produced only for two years and the grey locomotive which was only produced in 1971. Both of these variations are very rare and therefore command a very high price these days. This train had an immense amount of fine detail and style and was in high demand amongst collectors and train lovers in America.

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