The Best 5 Cleverest Country Song Titles Of All Time

Alison Rombough

Country audio has been described with a variety of stereotypes in excess of the years, some good, some not so fantastic, some intelligent, and some not. No doubt you have possibly read an individual mockingly describe region tunes with a variation on this thought: “My doggy left me, my girl got stolen, and my truck remaining me for one more male” (anything like that). You will find also the famous description (I imagine it was Hank Williams but I might be wrong) of nation audio as “3 chords and the real truth” which I consider is just about appropriate.

But, in spite of the seemingly shallow “superior enjoy gone poor” metaphorical aspect, there have been a quantity of region song titles which are not only clever, but even profound. Possibly just simply because of the way the track titles emphasize a little something clear that hadn’t been explained in a specified way. It was some hard doin’, what with corn shuckin, tobacco chewin, and hay pilin’ all keepin me chaotic, but I managed to whittle my listing of the cleverest country track titles down to 5:

1. She Thinks I Nevertheless Treatment – George Jones

This Jones traditional song of heartbreak is seriously a wonderful tune, clever title or normally. This song heralded George Jones’s discovery of his have distinctive model and was a #1 strike. But the amazing irony, so thinly and sarcastically veiled in the title, is what truly tends to make the track do the job. When George sings: “just due to the fact I saw her then fell all to items/ she thinks I even now treatment” we experience that emotion because we’ve all felt it just before.

2. I Forgot Far more Than You may Ever Know About Her – Many Artists

Every person and their sister in the tunes entire world has covered this just one. Johnny Funds, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn…the listing goes on. It really is one more complete common in the country audio canon and there is certainly a reason for that. A different heartbreak track, we see in the title the voice of a spiteful scorned lover, having difficulty with the decline of his beloved. The title is almost a reassuring mantra, chopping down the new lover and consoling the speaker. “You think you know the smile on her lips/ the thrill of the touch of her fingertips/ but I forgot extra than you may ever know about her”. Well explained.

3. Who Walks In When I Walk Out – Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys

This is variety of an obscure variety…which is much too poor because it’s truly a marvelous piece of music. It almost seems like a New Orleans funeral march, and the Bob Wills recording is stuffed with all sorts of whoops and wails. Below we see the suspicious husband (or wife) wondering what’s going on when he’s away. It is a haunting melody, albeit an upbeat 1, but the jealousy will come via in the title. It is really intelligent, no?

4. Married By The Bible, Divorced By The Regulation – Hank Snow

“Divorces by the hundreds/ is this human race crazy?/ I constantly assumed that relationship should really be a sacred matter.” Definitely this is a bit of an aged track, since I will not believe anyone follows the previous concepts of marriage any longer. The separation of church and condition carries through in the title of this song. It truly is a nice notion. Old Hank would be spinning in his grave if he saw the divorce rates these days…I consider it’s now possible to get divorced before you’re even married. But I will need to be careful…I believe I’ve just found out yet another intelligent title.

5. The Guy That Wrote Residence Sweet Home In no way Was A Married Guy – Charlie Poole

“She’ll meet you at the door when you want to appear in/ She’ll knock you down with a rolling pin”. This is a really spectacular music (and recording if you can uncover it). Hilarious. Almost certainly misogynist as nicely, but these are just a pair aged drunks from North Carolina singing and pickin’ the banjo. This tune has no bearing in serious lifestyle. None at all.

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