Soft and breathable 2021 17 best weighted blankets

Alison Rombough

From there, your peculiarities may extend to the fabric and the style itself. Some blankets tend to get cold easily (or share a thermostat with someone who likes to keep things at Arctic temperatures), more luxurious and fleece-lined for people between us It has been. Others call themselves “cooling weighted blankets” and are offered in breathable fabrics such as Tencel and bamboo. This helps reduce some of the heat associated with being pinched under such a heavy topper. Aesthetically, you may like the look of a knitted blanket that feels like a luxurious throw, or you may want something comfortable that blends in with other bedroom setups.

With all these criteria in mind, we tested various weighted blankets. Some were covered with a coarsely textured fabric, while others were smooth. Some were weighted slow blankets and others were comforting, but we tried to sleep overnight under at least one of each. The following is what we have maintained.

Best overall weighted blanket: spiral weighted blanket

Spiral weighted blanket

Available: 10 lbs, 15 lbs, and 20 lbs blankets

Given that the company makes our favorite overall mattress, it’s not that the helix weighted blanket is the closest to all the deals we’ve found, mainly thanks to its double-sided cover. Not surprising. One side is made of smooth fleece and the other side is more textured shirring, like your favorite fleece jacket. Both sides are very cozy, but the ability to switch between both sides makes it an adventure of comfortably choosing your own blanket. A helix filled with glass beads acts as a permanent sofa blanket or as a transitional blanket for the bed in spring and autumn. Blankets are only available in one size. It’s big enough to act as a blanket for a full-sized bed, but not big enough to be ridiculous as a throw.

A good alternative to fleece: Baru Living Weighted Blanket

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Baloo Living Weighted Blanket

Available: 12 lbs, 15 lbs, and 20 lbs blankets

The Baloo Living blanket offers many of the benefits of a Helix weighted blanket, but the packaging is less dynamic. Instead of a coarse fleece, the slim Baru blanket has the same kind of smooth, refreshing look of luxury parquet sheets. It’s not as breathable as one of those thin sheets, but it’s more breathable than a similar weighted blanket tested. In addition, the elegant design of the blanket looks like it was pulled from an Italian country villa. Blankets come in three different sizes, each with different weight provided by the glass microbeads. If desired, queen and king sizes with duvet covers can be used as quilts, but since there is no blanket, I think I need to get a 12 lb twin size blanket and use it as a throw. ..

Best Weighted Comforter: Brook Linen Weighted Comforter

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Brook linen weighted comforter

Available: £ 15, £ 20, £ 25, £ 30, and £ 35 blankets

When you decide to fully accept all forms of heavy bedding, it’s time for a weighted comforter. As we have established, the best comforters are fluffy and warm, yet cloudy and breathable. It is difficult to find a weighted one while maintaining the quality of all these. The best weighted comforter we have found is filled with this glass bead from Brooklinen. WARNING: When you get a weighted comforter, you may find that you stay in bed much longer than you intended each morning.

Best Knit Weighted Blanket: Bear Laby Tree Napper Weighted Blanket

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Bearaby Tree Napper Weighted Blanket

Available: £ 15, £ 20, and £ 25 blankets

Bearaby’s weighted blanket is a visually striking and cozy throw, even if it’s not heavy. Loosely woven fabric loops add weight to this blanket, rather than glass or plastic beads. They also make it super breathable, like a wool blanket your grandmother knitted for you when you go to college, and weigh it without layering anything on top of a layer of natural organic cotton. Did. This is especially important for weighted blankets, which are often thick enough underneath to be quite sauna-like. We recommend the company’s tree napper (a soft, wicking fabric made from wood pulp) made from Tencel over regular bear laby cotton nappers. It’s available in some subdued colors, and it also has great coolness.

Best Budget Weighted Blanket: Quiet Fleece Weighted Blanket

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Quiet fleece weighted blanket

Available Weights: 12 lbs, 15 lbs, 18 lbs, and 20 lbs blankets

The tranquil fleece-weighted blanket is probably a bit like the cheap blanket you found in a college dormitory room. However, its fleece cover is soft enough to make up for the lack of appearance. This blanket was found to be less breathable than other blankets. I don’t like a single shade of gray. But if you want to test drive a weighted blanket filled with glass beads and then look for something more upscale, this is a good starter blanket.

Best Texture Options: Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Weighted Blankets

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Brooklyn Bedding Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket

Available: 15 lbs and 20 lbs blankets

The Brooklyn bedding dual therapy weighted blanket has the same advantages as a helix, but has two different textured aspects. One is a fleece, the raised ridges are mottled, and the other is nicely smooth. The fleece side has a warming effect, and the smooth side has a cooling effect.

For a refreshing parquel-like feel: Casper-weighted blanket

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Casper weighted blanket

Available: 10 lbs, 15 lbs, and 20 lbs blankets

Casper-weighted blankets are comparable to Baru’s, but they are a bit more costly because they are not machine washable. It is made of breathable cotton and is offered in rich navy shades that feel a bit extravagant than the other comforter style picks on this list.

Another dual side option: Nest bed weighted blanket

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Nest bedding weighted blanket

Available: £ 15, £ 20, and £ 25 blankets

Another recommendation for a double-sided blanket is this Nest fleece and cotton blanket. The fleece side is naturally warm and comfortable, but if it overheats in the summer, you can turn it over and use a smooth cotton side to keep it cool.

For best value: Luna weighted blanket

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Luna weighted blanket

Available: £ 5, £ 7, £ 10, £ 12, £ 15, £ 17, £ 20, £ 22, £ 25, and £ 30 blankets

Luna’s weighted blanket is another solid budget option. The surface of expensive picks is smooth, but slightly less breathable. This blanket is available in 12 colors and is sized to fit all beds (from twin to king).

OG weighted blanket: gravity weighted blanket

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Gravity blanket

Available: £ 15, £ 20, £ 25, and £ 35 blankets

The popular Gravity Blanket was first launched on Kickstarter in 2017 and was the first weighted blanket to actually take off. It is soft and luxurious, and the outside of the quilting and the tie help evenly distribute the blanket inside the cover. Gravity then launched some weighted blanket spin-offs. A collaboration blanket with a cooling blanket, flannel throw, and even a cool electric blue Calm meditation app.

Best Weighted Quilt: Saatva Weighted Blanket

Saatva weighted blanket

Available: 15 lbs and 25 lbs blankets

Saatva’s diamond-stitched blanket has a velvety rich texture that makes it feel more like someone’s countryside fashionable quilt than an old blanket. If you care about your sourcing, it’s also one of the few organic cotton weighted blankets out there. The only drawback is that Saatva is offered in two weight classes, the 15-pounder and the 25-pounder. So if you’re a little petite, you can also check out one of the other options.

For superior softness: Leila weighted blanket

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Leila weighted blanket

Available: £ 15, £ 20, and £ 25 blankets

Leila’s weighted blanket has a reputation for being one of the softest weighted blankets in the world, confirming that the rumors are true. This is another double-sided option, one side is teddy bear-like stuffed and minky, and the other side is cool and smooth on warm nights. It is not a highly breathable blanket, so it is recommended for winter. It’s a bit smaller (it may not cover the entire bed), but it has a good weight distribution and is sold quite often in the following cases: You are trying to buy it cheaper.

For Luxe fabrics: Luxome weighted blanket

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Luxome removable cover weighted blanket

Available: 15 lbs, 18 lbs, and 35 lbs blankets

Luxome is another choice we like for the crispness and breathability of bamboo lyocell blankets, but there are also gorgeous mink options, and if you want to choose a texture based on your mood, double-sided lyocell / mink version Offers. With cool cotton inserts and a washable cover, you can keep your blanket fresh each season. Lyocell also feels lush and silky to sleep on a sweaty night.

Best Bespoke Weighted Blanket: SensaCalm Custom Weighted Blanket

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SensaCalm custom weighted blanket

Available: 3-20 lb blankets (1 lbs)

SensaCalm’s weighted blanket was introduced in 2008, even before the Gravity blanket arrived, and is available in standard size and travel size for long haul flights. We especially like the brand’s custom options that allow you to choose your weight and fabric, and you can choose whether to add polyfill to make it even more fluffy. You also have the option to create a custom matching pillowcase.

Three more weighted blanket options on Amazon

I haven’t had the opportunity to test these last couple’s options myself yet, but they’re all highly rated by Amazon and thousands of reviews back them up.

Best Weighted Blanket Set: YnM Blanket Set

What may be included in the image: furniture, cushions

YnM weighted blanket

Available: 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 22 lbs, 25 lbs, and 30 lbs blankets

YnM’s affordable three-piece weight blanket set has more than one 2 Detachable cover. One is cool and smooth on warm nights, and the other has a furry and fluffy texture (fake “minky” fabric) on cool nights. Just replace them depending on whether you are a sleeping car or switch them seasonally. Good news if you’re looking for versatile color and pattern options. This set is available in seven different options. If that’s not enough, check out YnM’s collection of printed and patterned weighted blankets here.

Best Goes With Everything Weight Blanket: ZonLi Adult Weight Blanket

What may be included in the image: furniture, mattresses, beds

ZonLi adult weighted blanket

Available: £ 5, £ 12, £ 15, £ 17, £ 20, and £ 25 blankets

This ZonLi blanket is comfortable to look at and feels, and has a good quilting pattern that allows the beads to be evenly distributed. It has subdued neutral shades and pastel and includes a liner that insulates the beads for added comfort. It also has 20,000 positive reviews for its achievements and continues to be one of Amazon’s most popular weighted blankets.

Best Weighted Slow Blanket: Comfort Weighted Slow Blanket

Comfort upgrade weighted slow blanket

Available: £ 5, £ 7, £ 10, £ 12, £ 15, and £ 20 blankets

And for a blanket that seems to be sitting under the Sherpa jacket in the best possible way, this slow size comfort degree option is velvet for the day planning a marathon. It has a look like a fleece and an interior like a fleece favorite show on the sofa. It weighs from 5 pounds for children to 20 pounds for adults and comes with a one-year warranty in case you notice that the fleece is pilled or worn and matted. increase.

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