One Plane Golf Swing – The Perfect Place For Beginners

Alison Rombough

Ever wonder how Tiger Woods is able to execute the perfect golf swing every single time? If you have plans of becoming the next golf legend in the making, then you have to be ready to exert a lot of time, patience, and effort on your part. Should you equip yourself with these, no dream is definitely unattainable. And when you are aiming for the perfect swing, then you should start with the one plane golf swing.

If you are an avid golf fan, then you surely would notice that there are so many pros in the circuit who prefer the double plane golf swing to its single counterpart. But since they are already pros in the field, the complicated nature of this type of swing would no longer be complicated for them anymore. However, being the beginner, it would actually be better for you to start with the basic – the single plane golf swing.

For this type of swing, you have to remember one thing – keep a very strong and rigid triangle with your shoulders as upper points and your cupped hands as the bottom point. This is very important since you will be using these three points when you move in for the swing. However, you should also remember that while keeping the triangle as rigid and firm as possible, you should still have your wrists and your arms fairly loose and relaxed. This is so as to allow your arms and wrists to establish a snapping action for your swing. To foster the accumulation of strength, the torque of your swing would have to be put into play.

So, why do the professionals prefer the double plane golf swing to this particular type when this is much simpler to execute? As mentioned above, your hands would be cupped for this particular swing. The double plane golf swing does not require you to have your hands cupped at all. Cupped hands do not really allow you to exert a lot of power into the swing. As a result, your drive would be significantly shorter and of less power with the single plane golf swing as compared to its double counterpart. But do not fret just yet because though the single plane may not be as powerful, it still provides much precision – and we all know how important precision is in the game of golf.

In the end, the single or the one plane golf swing is certainly the best place to start if you are a mere beginner at the game. Once you have panned out the basics well enough, then you can start gunning for double stint.

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