Lovebird Aviary – The Place Where You Can Get Exquisite Lovebirds

Alison Rombough

Because of the attractiveness of lovebirds, there is no wonder why more people are making them household pets. Aviaries are the most ideal places to visit and be in awe of the loveliness of the African birds. A comprehensive lovebird aviary is where you will find and select the species that you prefer to keep and raise. With the popularity of lovebirds, there are plentiful aviary and breeder sites you can go to.

* Howard Voren is an aviary that focuses on the most uncommon birds in captivity; say for instance, the brilliant amazons in blue mutation.

* Connieís Bird Nest is a lovebird aviary featuring macaws, caiques, lovebirds, amazons and Congo African greys. The site includes a message board, useful information and articles, shopping options, links, and tips with regards to breeding birds which bird enthusiast will find very useful.

* Another bird breeder is Aqua Oceans that is found in New Jersey and specializes in the eye-ring species of lovebirds as well as eclectus, greys and amazons. So, if you are looking for such characteristics and you are around this area, this is the best place to check out.

* The Artemis Aviaries is a lovebird aviary that also gives readers interesting information pieces about hand-feeding pellets and formula and review of ingredients for feeding lovebirds.

* Bucksí African Skies is another aviary in New Jersey that mainly focuses in the African lovebirds species.

* Feather Tree is also a reliable lovebird aviary. It also specializes in the Pyrrhura Conures along with several beautiful mutations of lovebirds that you may find interesting and fitting to the lovebirds that you are looking for.

* Parrot Parrot is a breeder in California as well as an aviary of lovebird species like the peachfaced lovebird, Fischer’s lovebird and the Abyssinian lovebird. Many lovebirds enthusiast had found their new pet in here.

A lovebird aviary differs from one another. Some of them can focus on a certain breed or mutation while others are extensive enough to provide numerous species. Definitely, lovebirds are wonderful feathered creatures. You can obtain ideas about the behavior and nature of lovebirds among aviaries.

When bringing home a lovebird from a lovebird aviary, it is essential to provide a suitable cage. They do not require a very big space, just a sufficient cage for your pet to move around. Make them feel as if they are still freely roaming in the aviary where they came from.

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