Locating My Place

Alison Rombough

I remembered the word I heard from my father in faith; Bishop David. O. Oyedepo that “until you locate the right place you are not in place”. Until you discover your place of destiny you keep wandering around like a sheep without a shepherd, keep searching for the place of your pasture. This also made me to put into writing the experience I had recently when I was going to a place where God doesn’t want me to be but I refused and at the last stage everything stopped working. I have discover my place in life, I cant be stranded anywhere He send me to, provisions are always there before getting there. This is to all those who play USA visa lottery that God is not interested in you selling out your destiny to America, if God wanted you to be there the right way He will make a way. Look at the story of Abraham God said to him leave your father’s house to a land I will bless.

The place was already arranged for Him no struggle for it all, no puzzle. God doesn’t work by this one won the other didn’t win. You don’t suffer to get things done when you follow God’s direction. I don’t know who I am talking to by this write up but God said that place you are going to, to get things by bribery, cheating, manipulation and other fraudulent way is not the best way. Have you ever asked God what plans do you have for my marriage before getting married or who should I marry. Adam took a wrong step of sin and ruin His destiny. After Jesus you were the next Adam, will you then repeat same. I congratulate you if you are in the right place. Bishop David. O. Oyedepo some years ago was in America when God told him this is not the place, if he had remain there he would have terminated his destiny but see him today God built a city for him and the winners family that seats fifty thousand people. What a testimony. I remembered years back when God called me to ministry and recently confirmed it and thank God it as started manifesting no matter what happens and what they say. I would only get B. S. C for nothing sake but only to do what He called me for.

Thank you Jesus I know my place and I am called, even people around me knows both d devil. It is clear, no noise about it and I am not saying it for you to know but to celebrate God. stop making new year resolutions, locate what to do in 2011. discover the right atmosphere for 2011. what am I going to do this new year should be your watchword.

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