Ideas For What Food You Should Take on Your Train Journeys

Alison Rombough

Every summer holidays, we used to travel to my grandparents’ place – it was an overnight journey. Like most kids, my sister and I, used to look forward to the train journey. Apart from the journey, meeting new passengers, the chaos, the scenery and window seats, one of the most interesting things on the train ride was ‘food time’ – some how eating on trains was so much fun.

Here are some of my favorite dishes for train travel:

1. Lemon Rice and boiled egg

2. Idlis and pickles

3. Curd rice and pickles

4. Poori and Potato Fry

5. Fruits – This I highly recommend – Whatever mains you pack, make sure you take some fruits along.

6. Sandwiches – This is actually my favorite – I use at least four different kinds of fillings and the kids like the variety.

7. Snacks – like murukku, om podi, bhelpuri etc…

8. Sweets – Again like fruits, this is something I rarely forget to take along – I normally have them when I am having some quiet time and am enjoying the view from my window.

Now that we have covered the food, let’s get into the food accessories – I mean other things that you need to take along with your food – things that will make your meal enjoyable and tidying up after you have eaten easy. Here is the list of food accessories you must take along for your train travel:

1. Paper Plates

2. Spoons and Forks – And don’t forget some serving spoons as well.

3. Tissues – dry and wet tissues – wet tissues come in very handy, so don’t forget them.

4. Plastic bags – for garbage collection

5. Bottles of water

One more tip about packing food – always pack them in individual packs – easier and less messy when serving – especially when you have little kids traveling with you.

If you don’t like packing food and taking it along with you then you can always order food in the train kitchen or you can buy some food at one of the stations – Long queues puts me off from buying food at the stations – If you don’t mind this then go ahead and buy – food is quite cheap and also less work for you.

Train travel in India is so much fun – love it.

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