How to Train Your Children to Serve the Lord Jesus Christ

Alison Rombough

First and foremost parents need to teach by example. Your children aren’t going to go to Church on their own and it’s not enough to send them with a friend or neighbor. As with everything, parents are the child’s first and most important teacher. As soon as the pediatrician gives the okay for you to take your newborn to Church you need to get them there. Going to church is a habit and the earlier you start the sooner you will begin that habit. Not just for your child either, parents need to stay in that habit. Be sure it’s a Bible teaching church. If it’s not you can really be confused and confuse your children.

Modeling behavior isn’t just about going to church; it’s so much more than that. Are you showing your child Christ’s love every day? Are they seeing you pray? Are you making Christ like decisions? Are you serving others? These are all ways you can show your child what it means to be a Christian. Sunday School is another place directly available to teach children and Jesus.

What does it mean to show a child Christ’s love every day? By helping others for no other reason than because they need help. Jesus never took money for helping others. Are you molding this behavior? It’s hard, people will take advantage of your kindness. Have someone ask you for money? Give if you can, if they come back again offer to help them sit down with their bills and help then make better use of their money. Jesus was a teacher not a martyr.

Are your children seeing you praying? Do they hear you praying for them by name daily? Encourage them to pray about everything. When they leave out of the house every morning you tell them you love them. Tell them you will be praying for them today. What an encouragement you can be for your children by praying for them. If you know they are having a particular hard test ask what time that test is going to be so you can be praying for them at that exact time. What a boost of confidence that is for your child.

Are you making Christ like decisions in your everyday life? Are you cursing, drinking and going out to parties? If you don’t think your child is watching every move you make you are mistaken. They need to see you are living what you are teaching. Explain why they can’t go to certain parties, why you don’t drink or curse. Explain you are trying to live a God filled life and you don’t think God would see this as positive behavior.

Be sure to read your Bible with them and where they can see you reading it. They need to understand that there is instructions for our lives throughout the Bible and they only way they are going to learn what they are is by reading the Bible.

Kids are desperate for knowledge. Make it count. Remember you are their example at all times.

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