How to Train My Dog – Discover the 7 Proven Steps to Training Your Dog

Alison Rombough

A common question of new dog owners is, “How can I train my dog?” I also asked that same question when I wanted to train my dog. Here are the the 7 proven steps to train any dog. Every dog owner should have this list:

1. Know The Breed

This can be important in some cases because certain dogs are easier to train then others. Just keep this in mind. It won’t affect the training too much.

2. Determine How Much Money You Have Available To Spend

This is important because you can easily waste money with certain dog training methods. Hiring a personal trainer for example can cost $75 an hour. That is a bit much.

3. Prepare Your Pet For Proper Training

This means that your dog should be used to being around you. The dog should not be afraid of you or uncomfortable around you. This can take some time especially with a new dog. It will happen eventually though.

4. Choose A Location In Your Home To Train

This can be outside or inside. It can be in any room. This is done so that whenever your dog enters this room, it will know that it is training time and that it should follow your commands. This made it easier to train my dog.

5. Setup A Time To Train

When training your dog, it is bad to have interruptions. These will distract you and your dog, which is why it is best to dedicate a certain amount of time each day to training.

6. Setup The Training Area

Now that you have chosen a place to train you must also organize the area. Do not leave anything out that you wouldn’t want to break or damage. Also, remove any sort of rug just in case your dog needs to urinate.

7. Begin Training

Everything is ready. Now all you need to do is begin training. Things will definitely not go perfectly, but you can always fix problems that pop up. The most important thing at this point is to just get started rather than worry about all the specifics about the process.

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