How to Train a Sheltidoodle Puppy – Use the Right Mindset When Training Your Sheltidoodle

Alison Rombough

A Sheltidoodle is derived from the crossbreeding of a Shetland Sheepdog, also known as a Sheltie, and a Poodle. The temperament of a Sheltidoodle may vary depending on its lineage, but an owner can usually expect a highly social, loyal and family-friendly dog. They are of medium-size and highly intelligent, making them a good candidate for a trainable, companion dog.

Sheltidoodles can be very well trained, but require firm, consistent instruction. They do not respond well to indecisiveness and can sense when there is a lack of confidence from their owner. Due to their parentage, Sheltidoodles require a great deal of exercise and a gentle, but firm leader. To help you out with your training, here are some tips that should get you in the right mindset to be the leader of the pack when working with your new best friend.

Gaining an Sheltidoodle’s admiration and confidence is the first stage towards successfully training him. Setting this basis is enormously important when training a dog. As collective pack animals, dogs have a innate need to follow a firm leader.

Setting yourself up as this control figure is the basis of any successful dog schooling program. Without establishing trust and loyalty first, all of your training efforts will in all probability be worthless. Respect is something that you wordlessly require through frequent, consistent and fair relations with your dog. When your dog really trusts you, he understands that his responsibility is to follow your direction, and he will choose to do it as you would expect.

In a dog’s eyes, love and affection are not the same as loyalty and self-assurance. Of course you want to be friendly to your dog, but make sure that when you show affection to your dog it is at appropriate times. The habits that you teach your puppy will convert into adulthood, so make sure that you do not let your puppy become rowdy. By setting up patterns for your dog to stick to, you let him know what you expect of him.

A world that has constancy in its foundation helps a dog recognize what is expected of him. While the pack leader is at the head of the group, each dog in the pack also holds an ordered place above and below his pack buddies.

As was mentioned earlier, Sheltidoodles require a firm, but loving hand. Make sure you know what you expect out of your training sessions, and your Sheltidoodle will follow right along!

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