How Long Does it Take to Train a Parrot to Talk? Train Your Parrot to Talk

Alison Rombough

Every parrot owner who wishes to see their bird talking the next morning asks the same question: how long does it take to train a parrot to talk? This inquiry can be answered easily if you know the factors that affect the ability of a bird to mimic sounds or talk.

To get a parrot talking, it’s highly preferable to buy young and hand-raised feathered specie ranging from three to six months. It’s essential to keep in mind that older birds do not learn as effortless and as fast that the young ones since they have already predetermined sounds in their minds. If the bird you are planning to train is an adult already, you need to have a lot of staying power, patience, and persistence to get it talking.

Although parrots are known as talking birds, the aptitude of your bird to imitate the spoken words of human hugely depends on the parrot species that you have, the attitude of your pet, the strategies and techniques you’re going to utilize and how you particularly tame your pet. The training should start by taming your parrot and building its trust in you as his trainer before you can be successful in asking it to talk. You will notice if your pet is ready to be taught how to utter words if it’s relaxed and confident in your presence.

One of the most efficient talking birds is known as the African Grey parrots. They are easy to teach and very proficient in their actions. The different types of parrots and their various tonal pronunciation and qualities are some of the factors to recognize how long does it take to train a parrot to talk.

As you broaden the vocabulary of your pet parrot as well as its tonal quality, it will grant you the companionship and joy you will never experience with non-talking birds. Note that parrots can retain information of more words and phrases because of their strong memory than other flying species.

Begin the training session each morning prior to taking its cage cover off. It’s vital that you reiterate a phrase or words several times like making it a ritual. Birds will contemplate more sounds in the dark and will attempt to act in response to what you say by repeating what it hears. Perform this process several times in a day, particularly right after you feed it or when you grant it a tidbit.

When your parrot gets accustomed to the sound that you use to make it responds, it will speak the same phrase to call your attention if you are not anywhere near it or when it needs attention or it is very hungry. Once you hear it, you should answer back with similar sound as an affirmation, but don’t go near the cage.
Knowing how long does it take to train a parrot to talk is highly influenced by your perseverance in teaching your pet. If you work during weekdays, you can use a recording to train your pet to mimic sounds and talk.

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