Facebook – A Perfect Place for Marketers

Alison Rombough

You all know that you can drive free traffic from Facebook and this is only one of many marketing opportunities provided by this social network. Some other opportunities include groups, pages, ads, and hashtags that are much better. But, before you start using them let’s try to understand why Facebook is important to marketers.

We cannot deny the existence of some other great marketing opportunities, but what sets Facebook apart is its reach. Being the largest social network, Facebook is used by thousands if not millions of users to reach almost everybody who uses the web, because even if they don’t use it daily, over a billion of people have Facebook accounts.

What also makes Facebook special is that is provide a lot of information on users interests. Thus, it means that when you are going to place an ad targeted at 25-35 year old females interested in hair care, Facebook can match this ad wonderfully.

Marketing Opportunities

Today Facebook has become one of the best marketing tools due to its exceptional targeting abilities in almost every niche. It provides a lot of opportunities both free and paid. Let’s analyze some of them.

1. Simple Posts and Comments
Ordinary posts and comments represent the main way to get visible. Of course, it’s not the shortest path to sales, but still it’s an effective method to get free exposure and build a network. Obviously, you could make sales, but this is not the main reason you are posting or commenting.

2. Brand Pages
Facebook pages are similar to profiles but designed for brands, companies and public individuals. Such pages are open for everybody. When people like a page, they will automatically receive updates each time you post new things. Due to Page Insights and Page Metrics you can get useful information about how well you perform, the number of users you reached and how many of them liked or shared a post, how many comments you got, etc.

3. Groups
Groups represent another way to engage with people around your product. Groups are like forums where you can always create and manage a new group dedicated to your product. Nonetheless, you should bear in mind than this is time-consuming and if you take off, think of whether you can do it or not.

4. Ads
Ads are not free as other Facebook options, but they have a lot of advantages. If you know what you are doing, Facebook ads can be really effective and bring amazing results.

5. Hashtags
Hashtags were generated on Twitter where they have been popular. They are advantageous for both marketing and SEO since they are a kind of keywords. In order to benefit from hashtags, you must use them on public pages or posts only.

These marketing opportunities provided by Facebook are highly effective and if you have the time and money to take full advantage of them, you can see overwhelming success.

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