Entropy – A Place of Total Limitation

Alison Rombough

Though entropy is said to be a measure of the disorder that exists in a system, Physics recognizes it as a measure of the energy in a system or process that is unavailable to do work. In a reversible thermodynamic process, entropy is expressed as the heat absorbed or emitted divided by the absolute temperature. More still, in communication, entropy is seen as a measure of the random errors noise occurring in the transmission of signals, and from this a measure of the efficiency of transmission systems.

In human development and performance, entropy is somehow equated with limitations. It should be noted that if we go on to accept that people have limitations and a capacity for sin, then the natural pattern of human performance is not towards excellence but mediocrity. I say this because there are challenges, adversities, and even suffering, which are essential for healthy growth, although we don’t normally seek or invite them. Overcoming these challenges, help us to see limitations as mere imaginations. Since entropy is very difficult to keep at bay, why must we continue to struggle against it in life?

Man is unlimited in nature. He has a divinely privileged role in life. God created him to exercise dominion over the earth. God made man to be like Himself and to enjoy His friendship, because He saw man whom He created as the crowning glory of His creation. Man is so important that God placed him in the Garden of Eden to look after it and to work in it. Work itself is not necessarily evil, but part of God’s original intention. Man was not to live alone. Woman was made by God as an ideal partner for the man, to work alongside him and to share his life. The relationship between man and woman, their sexuality, is part of God’s perfect creation.

The man and the woman lost the open fellowship with God and with one another when they rebelled against God. The results of their sin affected every area of their lives. The man’s work became burdensome, and the woman’s relationship with her husband brought pain as well as pleasure. Notwithstanding the fall of man, he occupies a unique position after God. He is crowned with honour and glory. He is mandated to take care of all creation. He shares God’s creativity in artistic ability while caring for the earth’s resources. Man’s disobedience brought perversion, degradation, violence and evil to mankind.

God’s curse on man and the woman seems to have limited them, making it impossible for them to succeed in many things. Hence man spends so many hours at work every day, because he is only recognized by the success he attains from his work. To succeed and flourish in his work, he must be ready to perform to high standards, requiring all his capacity and resources. He can only record a win-win situation in his work, if he considers both his productivity and personal well-being.

As the suffering and limited nature of man progresses, God thought out a perfect solution to his problem. In the New Testament, God dealt with the problem of man’s limitation by giving His Son Jesus as a propitiation for sin. That announced the dawn of a new age for man. In Adam, man bore the fallen nature but in Christ, he is a new creature. He is seated with Christ in heavenly places as God originally intended it – without limitation!

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