Choosing The Right Outdoor Place For Your Child’s Party

Alison Rombough

Party tastes are evolving, not just for adults, but also for kids. With the increase in the number of places that can accommodate all kinds of events, more and more people are opting to hold children’s parties at outdoor settings, instead of just at home or within closed quarters. Perhaps it’s because people are becoming more health conscious and would like to stay out in the sun and breathe in fresh air more, that’s why outdoor set children’s parties are fast becoming the in thing.

A lot of places offer party packages for parents who want to hold their children’s parties outdoors. However, parents must realize that hosting an outdoor party can also come at quite a cost. While you do get to save on having to clean up indoors after the party, having an outdoor event also comes with a certain price tag.

Before you decide on the place to hold your child’s outdoor party, you might want to ask the venue owner and package planner how much it will cost you per child and if you will still have to pay for the guardians that stay for the party.

This will help you assess what to place on your invitation. That is, if the young guest is allowed to bring at least one guardian or none at all. This will keep your guest list and expenses under control.

Also, ask the venue owner if they can only accommodate a certain number of people and if they require that your guest list have a minimum number of confirmed attendees. Most owners of outdoor children’s party places have entertainment and food packages for a speficic number of people (30s, 50s, etc), so you’ll also have to ask how much they charge per head in case your guests exceed the number you’ve initially committed to.

When picking a place for your child’s party, you will also have to find out just how many hours is included in the package you have chosen. Most package parties run for three to four hours. With this in mind, you might also want to ask how much they charge per hour in excess of the original plan, just in case.

In addition, take note how many exits there are and if ample security is provided. Also find out if the restrooms are clean and in perfect condition, and if there are proper waste disposal areas in the vicinity. Also ask if tents are available, or if there is an option to move the event indoors, in case it suddenly rains. Venue owners will happily oblige to your every need, so you shouldn’t hesitate to ask.

Planning an outdoor party will not really be to difficult if you get ahold of venues that offer packages. If you want to feel stress free during the party, go for convenience and let the professionals handle everything. Just be sure you have prepared a significant amount to purchase this convenience.

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