Brazil – A Loving Country For Honeymooners

Alison Rombough

It is a fact that Brazil is the biggest country of South America. It is worldwide famous place which is well known for its energy and beauty. Brazil ensures the honeymooners to make their trip more memorable and fascinating. There is no doubt that it is beautiful country of South America. This country is known for its impressive carnival that happens in the months of Feb and March. I personally believe that no any other place is beautiful as Brazil is. It is landscape that contributes only happiness.

The ideal time to visit Brazil
Brazil is a beautiful place to visit which has many temperatures. The best time to visit this country is the month of June, July and August. From December to February, there is summer. During these months, it is very hot and moist. So the best time is from June to August.

Attractive places to visit
Here are many attractive places to visit. These are follows:

Rio de Janeiro
No doubt that Rio de Janeiro is one of the most favorite and romantic cities in Brazil. It is a wonderful city which is full of true natural and breathtaking beauty. The most visited and famous attraction of this city is sandy and sunny beaches at Ipanema and Copacabana Island.

Colonial Towns of Minas Gerais
Here you can enjoy hills and mountains in Minas Gerais. It is located just hundred miles away from Rio. This colonial town is rich and famous for several natural minerals. The wealth comes from gold and diamond mines.

Iguassu Falls or Iguacu Falls
It is one of 7 natural wonders of the world. The best time to visit this place is from October to December. This is the best time for honeymooners to visit. You will enjoy directly rainbow.

Amazonia national park
Amazonia national park is the most attractive and visited place which is famous for its natural wonder. This beautiful park includes climbing, trekking/hiking, bird watching and taking boat journeys. No doubt that a tour is incomplete without a tour to this national park.

Best hotels accommodation in Brazil
Here you will find many luxurious accommodation facilities. The most famous and luxurious hotels are Hotel National Brasilia, Best Western Regent Park Suite Hotel and Praia Ipanema Hotel. They all are located in the heart of city. These hotels are perfectly designed by experts.

This land of Brazil is well known for Igua falls and many other exiting and romantic vacation spots. This place gives an opportunity to all visitors to have a mesmerizing and romantic trip to Brazil.

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