Advantages of Recycling Bins in Your Work Place

Alison Rombough

Almost all offices have bins in which to place your waste. This can sometimes cause a problem in the way of recycling as there generally are not many facilities on offer. Most office workers do not have the time to go and recycle their paper, cardboard and drinks containers in the areas provided.

A solution to this is to have specialist recycling bins in each office; traditionally this has been a problem due to the size of the bins and the lack of choice. We are now seeing a rise in the choice and options available in recycling bins for both the home and the work place. You can now place small desktop bins on your desk specifically for waste paper, have a bin underneath your desk where you can place tins and plastic bottles, even a small bin beside your desk for used ink toners. This makes recycling in the work place a simple thing to do as it doesn’t take up too much space and you can also place your waste in the correct bins without moving too far.

At the end of the day you can either take the lightweight bins to your main office recycling bins or if you have the luxury of a cleaner then they can do this for you.

When looking for recycling bins to have in your office one important factor is to see if the bin itself has been made from recycled goods such as cardboard and paper. There are companies now offering this product which has been made within a certain radius of a distribution centre to reduce its carbon footprint. By buying this way you are assured of helping the environment as much as possible because not only are you willing to recycle your waste but you are purchasing a bin that has not wasted trees in its production or been made the other side of the world and flown in increasing C02 emissions.

It is very important that we recycle our waste so that we can limit the amount that goes to landfill and reduce our C02 emissions. So don’t just recycle at home but in your work place too.

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