A Position Within Us That Never ever Dies

Alison Rombough

The Wind in my Heart

Wind, exactly where is it?

It arrives, and it goes.

It helps make it is way through the leaves of a tree,

nevertheless I am not equipped to see

in which the wind will come from, or where it will go.

I like the way the wind helps make the tree leaves sound.

It is a tranquil tone much like a mild rain

on a great summer season night time.

There is a related wind in my coronary heart.

It will make it’s way through my soul,

and I am refreshing once more.

It is the air I breathe,

and the drive that offers me lifetime.

Sam Oliver, creator of, “Integrating the Feminine Spirit: Returning to the Womb of Generation”


Life’s Method

The leaf falls, the tadpole’s tail shrinks away,

the hibernation begins, and new one-way links occur our way.

The department blossoms, the eggshell cracks,

and we wonder why we wanted to go back again.

Existence is loaded with a lot of transformations.

There are slow occasions and occasions of acceleration.

A lot of our life are crammed with disorientation,

then arrives a clearing place of reorientation.

To get, we must initial study to give up

and know beginnings start off inside of us.

We occur to new beginnings at their endings.

From the barrenness of fallow time, new lifestyle starts.

It is out of formlessness we grow to be a form

and emptiness befriended delivers forth a new born.

A new theme in the songs, a strange fragrance in a breeze,

and a faint intimation that something is different signifies adjustments we will need.

Sam Oliver, author of, “A Existence in Critique”

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