A Great Place for a Vacation: St. Andrews

Alison Rombough

Are you looking for a quite vacation to a small, hospitable town? Somewhere you will not have to go through traffic jams or people bustling here and there? Somewhere you can meditate in the church or even on the streets without anyone disturbing you? Then St. Andrews is exactly the place you are looking for.

Named after the Apostle, St. Andrews is known as ‘the home of golf’. It was here that the oldest patrons of golf resided and made the game widespread throughout the region. Many major golf tournaments are frequently held in this city for which visitors flock to the region when the golf season is up. But the golfers aren’t the only attraction in this historic city. The sandy beaches, often amalgamated with the golf venues, are also major tourist attractions.

In addition to golf and beaches St. Andrews is also famous for its landmark buildings. These buildings include the West Port, the Tower of Holy Trinity, St Rule’s Tower and St. Andrews Castle. The list also consists of churches, cathedrals and other parish sites famous for their elegance and architecture. The city boasts the University of St. Andrews, the third oldest university in the English world, and also a vibrant academic environment with two-thirds of the population being students during the academic session.

The climate in this part of the world, is mostly winter. The average high temperature throughout the year is around 14°C while the average low temperature is 4.9°C. At summer temperatures are normally around 19°C but almost never above 20°C while in the winter the temperature is always below 0°C.If you are planning to go there make sure you take appropriate winter clothing with you. Woollen clothes ought to be the perfect choice, with sweaters and jeans leading the way but you can do with nylon slacks and tights as well. Whatever you wear make sure you are not underdressed because St. Andrews does not have the weather that can allow you to show your great skin. It is too cold to let yourself be uncovered!

However clothing must not pre-empt you from visiting. The beautiful city has a lot to offer if you are assertive to its cold weather. It includes a famous canoe club which holds regular sessions for its tourists. There are football teams, rugby teams, sports centres and golf ranges and on any normal day it will not be surprising if the whole population turns up on the streets to attend a local football or golf match. Pubs and bars are abundant in all parts of the city, with several of them possessing nightclubs even in this quiet city.

With one of the lowest crime rates in the world you need not fear for your safety here. The streets are not patrolled but it is not like you need them to be. The sparse population means the people here are considerably wealthier compared to many other regions of the United Kingdom so incidences of mugging and other organized crime are extremely low.

Therefore if you think you need a vacation without any disturbance or hassle I can guarantee you that St. Andrews is the perfect destination for you.

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